Which is My Real Voice?

“Who said that?” I wonder sometimes when an idea cUntitled-blank slateomes to mind. I’d been focusing on finding my voice when I realized at any time, I might hear 3 or 4 opposing voices in my mind. Don’t be afraid to admit it happens to you too. Whether we like it or accept it or not, our blank slates have been written on with permanent marker. Society, family, friends, enemies, and the media have invaded our brains sending out an overload of mixed messages that leave us doubtful and confused. It then becomes your task to decipher who’s really talking. The voice could be a parent, teacher, magazine, billboard, or television show telling you who YOU ARE! Beware of this bottomless pit.

If you have difficulty knowing which voice is your OWN authentic sound, these questions pointed me in a clear direction.

1. What gives you hope?

2. What makes you angry?

3. What did you like as a child?

4. How would you live your life if money wasn’t an issue?

Take time to think about these questions. Talk about them with your friends. Reach out to me. Meditate.

Knowing what moves your heart is VITAL. Trust me, I’ve started several blogs over the past 8 years; however, now that I’m focusing on what’s important to me I feel a lot more confident!

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