My Weekend with OPRAH!–Review

Atlanta sep 7 2014 (17)Atlanta sep 7 2014 (3)

INSPIRING, EMPOWERING, HEART-WARMING are 3 words I’d use to describe this sensational experience in Atlanta. Visualize an arena with Oprah Winfrey center stage in a gown glowing like the sun, thousands of women of all nationalities united with one cause in mind—LIVING a wonderful life, and feel the electrifying energy in your soul; you can’t help feeling like anything is possible!

Atlanta sep 7 2014 (12)The day kicked off at 10 AM in Olympic Park in hot and humid Atlanta, Georgia. My first time in Atlanta left my cute curls sagging like they were being weighed down by the air, but the excitement of being at an Oprah conference rushed through my veins. There were kiosks, activities, food, and music. By 5pm, I was ready for Oprah! I found my seat quickly and was greeted with a big hug and smile by two complete strangers! It was almost magical because I was alone, but I suddenly had a new friend to take pictures and videos with. Finally, after starting 30 minutes late, Oprah stepped on stage in a form fitting energetic orange gown and dropped a motivational speech that shook the ground of the Phillips Arena.

atlanta skylineSaturday began with a meditation from Deepak Chopra a little after 9 AM. Each speaker offered life-changing insight and practical wisdom–I will be posting my notes later. But IYANLA VANZANT appeared in a white, fitted dress and shined like a star! The crowd roared and I was impressed. Iyanla performed her speech almost like a dramatic monologue. I’m a creative person, so I appreciated how she stepped out the box and added her own flavor to it. BRAVO! Her contribution was the grand finale that illustrated the objective of the conference—OWN YOUR LIFE! Think of your life like a speech–you may only get 45 minutes, but those are YOUR 45 minutes to do YOU!

Are trying to re-direct the focus of your life? Tell me about it.


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