Goddess & Body Image

Goddess Warrior

Let’s talk openly about beauty.

Growing up most black girls I knew never compared themselves to mainstream beauty standards (it was like comparing apples to oranges); thus, we created own cultural definition where we all fit in someplace. The overall package includes hair, face, shape, style, and skin color (each shade is a different flavor). Feel free to interject.

This is NOT to say that black women don’t have body images issues; but I am saying we tend to be less critical. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is something I’ve heard so regularly that it’s engraved in my soul.

When I worked with children, I often had to tell them to stop comparing themselves to others.

Ladies! I KNOW EACH of you are BEAUTIFUL and if you don’t believe it; send me a message! I’ll see things you’ve over looked your entire life!

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