My 10-day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Pt. 1

Collage 2014-12-28 01_51_39My 10-day Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

For Christmas when I was 8, my grandmother bought me a globe. I was quite confused because it wasn’t a toy, but I made my own game by closing my eyes, spinning the globe, and pointing to a place. I’d say, “I’m going there when I grow up!”

This winter I had a 10-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise departing from Civitavecchia (Ce-vita-ve-kia), Italy. You are reading PART 1 of 4 parts, where I’ll be describing my life experiences while cruising through the Eastern Mediterranean.


Italy was everything I had imagined. The weather was beautiful and the food is delicious! If you order pizza, they will give you an entire pizza; and you probably will eat it all because it’s that good.

My tour guide/driver was a very lively old man who had a soundtrack to every monument we visited–that definitely made the experience more exciting. Italy2

Ever since I watched a PBS special about Pompeii when I was a little girl; I knew I wanted to see it. Although what happened there was very tragic; it was still amazing walking through the ancient city, seeing how they lived, and imagining what life was like. I felt very proud to finally snap a picture in front of Mt. Vesuvius.

NOTE: People drive very fast! Cross the street quickly, because you will get hit.

NEXT STOP! Greece!

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