Life IS your 15 Minutes of Fame!


One of my big dreams in life was to see the Mayan pyramids because their culture is always highly regarded in history books. As a child I was simply fascinated the first time I saw my name in a book.

So when Jet Blue offered an all-you-can-fly for $599, I jumped at the chance to go to Mexico. I needed to walk where they’d walked and see what they’d seen.

It’s an incredible feeling to sit down in the grass and take a picture with an enormous pyramid in the background—the very pyramids that had called me when I was 8 years old.

Traveling is one of the freest forms of expression for me. Each time I travel, my heart beats with excitement. It’s just amazing to be in a place that you once only imagined. It fills you and becomes a part of you, forever engrained in your soul.

It’s your LIFE—your 15 minutes of fame—use it wisely!

My parents wanted us to be cultured, so we traveled more often than other people from my community. One year we drove from Oklahoma to Los Angeles, stopping by the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Other years, we drove to New Orleans, Kentucky, and Chicago. At night, driving on the highway, the street lights mesmerized me.

Although, we never traveled by plane; nor international, my father had planted a seed that would later grow to become a defining part of my life.

Many times when I’m sharing pictures or stories about my travels people say, “I wish I could.”

The truth is, YOU CAN! I’m an educator by profession and don’t make a lot of money; however, I am blessed with the ability to organize, plan, prioritize, and rationalize. I don’t live above my means, keep up with the Joneses, or own any credit cards–sacrifices I’ve made to be able to enjoy what my heart longs for.

My only advice is, DON’T FORGET YOURSELF! You deserve it. Bills will always be there and you may never get ahead…

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