Don’t forget to dream!


Creative Illusion does not own the rights to the artwork.

As a child, I was always alone. I buried myself in books from lands far away. And even though I was alone, my heart was fascinated by the ideas brought to me by the books. I always dreamed of places I would visit and how my life would be when I grew up.
Then, as an adult, I almost lost my dreams from working hard to make a life for my family and myself. I had become a lifeless robot, which brought no happiness. Finally, I realized it was because I had lost my ability to dream. I was focusing so hard on being responsible, that I’d forgotten how to enjoy myself.
Now, I’m aware that whimsical joy is imperative to leading a happy life. No matter how many bills I need to pay, meetings I need to attend, or errands I have to run; I always find time to enjoy myself every day. Because this is my life, I have to make the best of it, and I’ll never stop dreaming again!

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