Sunset in the City


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Over 20 years ago I read the poem by Emily Dickinson, “Some keep the Sabbath going to church.” I always like Emily Dickinson. They said she was an introvert and that many of her poems were written on scrap pieces of paper.
She reminded me of myself because I write quick whimsical poems often about nature or my deepest emotions. For many years, I did not value myself as a writer because inspiration hits me like a bolt of lightening. Then, the words flow quickly and effortlessly.  I thought I didn’t put enough time into it for it to be valued. However, as I continue with my spiritual journey I realized that my sporadic and whimsical writings are my signature and style. Now, I can appreciate the way that I write as a form of self-acceptance and uniqueness. I hope that–unlike Emily Dickinson–people will read my poems while I am here, for it is the present moment that holds the power.

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