Artist: Preparing for an Event

Update on how my booth went 9-10-16! Half my items sold!

Preparing for an event can be quite hectic. However, I have participated in events before and feel comfortable with what needs to be done.

The Basics. After you have reserved your booth, there are several things you need to do in order to prepare for the event. Make sure you have your business cards available with your social media and/or website information. People would like to see more of your work and need a way to contact you. 

The main objective is to sell art; so make sure you are ready to accept payments including having change and a way to accept credit cards. I use The Square, it’s simple and easy. 

Don’t forget about building clientele! Some people may like your artwork but won’t be able to purchase at that time. Adding clientele to a mailing list is greatly advised. This gives you away to contact your potential clients to let them know about new artwork and special offers.

Content.  Simply speaking, which items will you be selling? In general, I like my art to follow the theme of the event. Choose only a few select pieces, as to not crowd your space. This can be a difficult process, but remind people to visit your online portfolio.

Advertise! This may be a little uncomfortable at first. Nobody wants to be the person on social media constantly flooding their friends’ timelines with products no one wants to buy. I’ll be the first to admit my apprehensions. But all businesses advertise. And whether you believe it or not, many people are probably interested and proud of your talents. 


Presentation. Most places allow you to arrive early, perhaps the day before, to locate your booth and decide how you would like to decorate your booth. It’s important to have an organized and eye-catching display to attract many visitors. 
Going the extra mile. Once you have chosen your artwork and decorated your booth, remember to make the experience something that will stand out to your potential clients. Live paintings are very popular! If you’re like me, where painting on the spot would be too tedious and messy, use your imagination! Face painting, mendi art, raffles, photo booths, etc. can excite people and get them to pay you more attention. 

Be prepared to talk. This includes speaking about your artwork, education, experience, and successes. Although many artists may be introverted people, the rest of the world isn’t. They want to know about you and they want to know about your art! 

Networking is also included in talking. People will give you their business cards. Take their business cards, give them your business card, and follow-up. After one or 2 weeks send them a message! You never know how far “hello” will go.

In the end, I hope that this article has been helpful. Having fun, enjoying your passion, and leading a fulfilling life is worth it!


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