7 days of #Cuba pt.1

Day 1

Go to bed at midnight so I can wake up in 2 hours to catch a 5 o’clock flight in the morning. Have a 5 hour layover; only for my flight to be delayed for another hour so I miss the connection out of Miami. Wait another 5 hours before flying out of Miami and landing in Cuba.

Of course my nerves had shot through the roof because I was afraid that my bag would not arrive or maybe things could be stolen like it happened in December when I went to London. Luckily, when I arrived in Cuba my luggage was waiting for me without any problems. The tour company that I used http://www.cubalifetravels.com were there waiting for me to pick me up! 

This isn’t the car=( I didn’t get a picture. Sorry

Now I could finally relax because I had safely made it to my destination. We jumped into an old timey Chevrolet. I’d never even seen one like it before– baby blue with four doors and a hatchback. Claridad and three of her cousins–the travel agents– took me to the family home in which I was saying. 

The ride from the airport to the house was not quick and not far, but in the middle of Habana, Cuba! You all know that I love art and when I arrived, the house was like an art gallery! Art was everywhere– I was so happy! Ruth and her mother, who was also named Ruth, were there to greet me and give me a tour of their beautiful, humble home. I would like to say more about Ruth and her mother because they were so sweet, charming, and adorable. I felt like we were family! 

Next, we–Claridad, her cousin, Jose, and I — went to a restaurant just to blocks up the street. I was not hungry but I enjoyed myself and had a drink. Later I return home, took a shower, and fell asleep. I had a long day ahead of me for Friday and I wanted to be well rested after a long and trying day.

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