7 days of #Cuba pt.2

Day 2

Wake up at 7 in the morning to have a personal chat about the feminist movement in Cuba. Of course, the chat wasn’t that early, but I had to get dressed and have breakfast first.
Ruth made scrambled eggs, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, coffee, and fresh fruit smoothies! Ruth–the owner of the house–made this breakfast everyday; only varying the fruits and such. This was a simple, traditional breakfast for Cubans–of course, unfortunately not for ALL Cubans.

Next, Dr. Norma arrived at the house to present the research of her studies.
Some people may not be interested in this topic; but I was in Cuba on an educational visa and women’s studies fascinate me. So the chat was interesting. How many of you knew that when couples get married in Cuba, there’s a clause that states the household duties MUST be shared between the two? Lol Sounds wonderful to me, but Dr. Norma said it’s not taken seriously… now that doesn’t surprise me.
Just as Dr. Norma was leaving, little, cute, 25 year old, Suris–whose getting married three days after I leave and is preparing for an educational exchange program in West Virginia!
Suris was very helpful and kind; even though they told me we had something in common–our nostalgic friendship with vodka! Lol Suris was on her best behavior. She was too nervous to even laugh. I say that in a “she’s so cute” voice.
We walked around the University until I got bunyans on my heels–yes, I know not to take new shoes on vacation; but I had my fingers crossed!

Then we arrived at an area the government is developing. It has EVERYTHING to do with art and Cuban religions.
I was again fascinated and frustrated at the same time. I hadn’t had time to change my money–dollars DON’T spend in Cuba–so, when the traditional dressed, cigar smoking women were posing for pics; I had to pass because I didn’t have any Cuban currency…my heart is still sunk. Truthfully, I’d rather been the woman posing anyway–the costumes were amazing!
When I returned “home” hot and sweaty, Claridad said in a voice that was almost singing, “be ready in 3 hours, we’ll be going to see a cabaret show!” She also kindly reminded me to wear high heels shoes and makeup. Now, my first career I wanted was to be a dancer; so cabaret was just what I wanted! The show was amazing! I had so much fun, it’s unbelievable. (Check out my Instagram feed @jezzijaymes to view the footage.) Cuba was definitely off to a good start. I danced with a BEAUTIFUL show girl and I even danced on stage when they called for all the tourists!…definitely an unforgettable experience. 

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