7 days of #Cuba pt.3

Pinar del Rio 

Confession: I was surprised to see tour buses! (When I lived in Puerto Rico, there were never any big tour buses and I’d never seen any in the Dominican Republic either, however that was years ago.)

But we awoke early in the morning to catch Havanatur. My tour agency had arranged for me to attend several tour around Cuba. Today I would be seeing at cave with an underground river, a rum factory, and a tobacco plantation. 

It was a hot day, but the 2 hour bus ride was comfortable with air conditioning! 

Our 2nd stop was Viñales Valley. Here, there was live music, beer, food, souvenirs, and a beautiful view. I had a good time interacting with the mime and listening to music. The sun was up, but wasn’t too hot yet!

We ate lunch–delicious pork with moro rice, fresh cabbage, and yucca. It had been a long time since I’d eaten authentic Latin cuisine. I literally savored each bite! Once again a band played folklore music and sang. My heart felt like it was singing along with the music cords.

Next, we made our way to the tobacco Plantation. By now, the sun was scorching my skin. Sweat drip down my back as I listened to the process of planting and harvesting the tobacco.

Last stop, the cave with an underground river. 

After having my skin scorched in the sun, the cool breeze from the cave was very refreshing!

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