7 days of #Cuba pt.4

They say Scorpio is a water sign. Perhaps that’s why I LOVE the beach! I’m not saying other signs can’t love the beach; but I always feel mysteriously drawn to this part of nature.

My time in Varadero was exhilarating and fast paced. We woke at 4am to be ready for the tour bus at 6am. I ate my typical breakfast and set out with Claridad, Lucia, and Maria. It would be my first time as a guest in a resort; and Lucia and Maria’s first time at a buffet!


The bus ride lasted about 2 hours. Maria and I talked and took pictures. We slept a little bit too!

Then when we arrived, we checked in at went to the breakfast buffet.

We ate breakfast and lunch at the buffet and had unlimited drinks at the bar! I met a medical student named Sylvia. And we all had a great time playing in the water and lounging on the cots.

Time flew by so fast, before I knew it, it was time to go.

The ride  back was peaceful, but I honestly didn’t want to leave.

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