2018–not too late for Resolutions!

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Many people fall off from their new year’s resolutions just as quickly as they hopped on. It’s happened to me a few times before, so now I’m cautious against it. My strategy is to choose my resolutions very carefully. More thought out resolutions increase my success rate. One resolution I made is to say “yes” more.

As an introvert and worry wart, I tend to talk myself out of things. I’m not referring to spontaneous, frivolous whims that deserve to be stamped out. I’m referring to the anxiety and fear that stands in the way of the woman I truly am.

Indeed, talking myself into doing the things my heart deeply desires is a good thing. For instance, I’m proud that I have maintained this blog–although, I’m still finding my voice–for these past few years. This blog is important because it shows a side of me that is much deeper than Facebook and Instagram posts. Because it is more intimate, the posts are fewer. But that is why I’m saying “yes” to writing more often! Writing is a craft that has to be developed. There is power in vulnerability. Brene Brown’s research proves it.

Brown says, “sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.” For the past four years, I have been showing up to WordPress. I have written drafts that I was too afraid to publish. I have written words and erased them. I have gotten discouraged and thought I’d given up. But then I read Tanehisi Coates and he wrote about developing his voice and he dared to write his feelings and opinions about social causes in America. And that is when the connection was made because Roosevelt said to dare greatly, and now I truly know what it means!

I hope that you use this day to dare greatly! Don’t give up on your  new years resolutions. Remember, whether you think you can or can’t you’re right.

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