Creative Travel: Visit JAMAICA

Creative Travel: Visit JAMAICA

What I LOVE about JAMAICA!

I got bit by the traveling bug back in 2001. Since then, I’ve visited several countries; and Jamaica has definitely caught my attention! Back in December 2017, I was in a meeting at work daydreaming about a quick get-away when Jamaica came to mind. It took me about an hour of research before booking my flight and hotel.


Living in the United States, I’d grown up hearing people talk about Jamaica. As you may know, Jamaica is an English speaking island in the Caribbean Sea. I’ll be honest, the fact that Jamaica is so close to the United States and speaks English greatly influenced my decision to visit–the idea of only one layover and no language barrier sounded golden.


These days, everyone says eat fresh food; and in Jamaica, it’s actually possible! Processed food is not as common–I could tell at breakfast by the taste of the fruit and then again at lunch when I chose my food almost straight from the sea! During my visit, I ate fish, pizza, pasta, lobster, chicken, beans, plantain, and rice–all of it was delicious! If you are a foodie, then please come hungry=)


The pastry chef / soul sister on our way to the waterfall!

I have traveled alone to several countries and been treated friendly by so many people; but Jamaica puts the icing on the cake. During my entire visit; I wasn’t worried about getting ripped off or cheated. My driver came recommended by the hotel; he was professional and helpful. Also, the employees at the hotel were extremely friendly. One of them even offered to take me to the waterfall after she got off work! Of course, other people may have had different experiences; but I’m writing about what I experienced first hand. These people made me feel like I was at home even though I was thousands of miles away.

Things to do

Jamaica has something for every part of me. One part of me likes to see museums; Kingston has several. I also like to enjoy nature–Jamaica has rivers, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and beautiful vegetation–endless photo adventures. Also, if you want to let loose; Jamaica’s nightlife is exhilarating! Warning: Maryjane is not legal, but is not uncommon to be seen and smoked in public places.


If yo

u’re like me, it’s hard to understand the currency of other countries. It’s always important to know if your American dollars increase or decrease. It’s difficult for me to explain, so please do your research. I selected Jamaica because I knew I would not exceed my $2000 vacation budget.FOOTNOTE: Also, I would like to add that I don’t usually buy souvenirs simply because I hate shopping.

Overall, my experiences in Jamaica were positive and I’m extremely happy that I chose to explore the island!

Since I have returned from Jamaica; I’ve been inspired artistically. This is very exciting for me and a whole other blog about how traveling inspires my creativity. I will say that I have created several pieces and my photography collection can be seen on Facebook.

If you’re a creative that likes to travel, I’d love to hear your comments!

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