Creative Travel: from NYC to Niagara Falls

Just Live Ya Life!–Rihanna

NiagaraFalls2Tired of my 9-5 and Netflix; I decided to reserve a seat on a tour bus leaving from NYC for Niagara Falls! We’d be stopping at a St. George’s Trail, Corning Glass Museum, Old Fort Niagara, and Niagara Falls. Sounds like an adventure!

The setting is September and the weather is strikingly beautiful compared to the previous days of gloom–I’m in luck! At first, I was only interested in seeing Niagara Falls, but after stopping at St. George’s Trail, I quickly changed my mind. Nature walks are awesome; and the fresh smell of vegetation was perfume to my city nose. I took lots of pictures and took my time enjoying the environment. Sure, I noticed people passing me by; but I just assumed they weren’t nature lovers like myself and continued to take pictures. Then there I was, posing for a picture under the mini-waterfall, when I looked several feet down the mountain to see everyone getting on the bus! My stomach hit the ground, as I took off running. Would anyone even notice if the solo traveler got left at St. George’s Trail? Luckily, I arrived just in time–I’m always in a crunch from taking too many photos;-)

Next, we visited the Corning Glass Museum. The beautiful, artistic, and creative pieces made from glass were exquisite.Trying to capture an image that honors the beauty of the glass objects is a tricky skill–and it was my first time trying.NiagaraFalls1

After arriving to Niagara Falls, we walked across from the hotel to a Native American Pow-Pow. I really enjoyed this detail because it gave insight into a culture I’m always curious to learn about.

The next morning the first thing we did was take a stop at Old Fort Niagara. I couldn’t help but notice how pretty the day was turning out while I snapped photos of relics from the 16th century.

After about an hour of settler history, we were finally on our way to Niagara Falls! I couldn’t believe I was actually going to see what Superman introduced me to so many years ago. Could the movie prepare me for the beauty I was to behold with my very eyes? The rushing water, the cool mist, and the fleeting rainbows gave the moment a surreal feeling. It was incredibly powerful and majestic. Then suddenly, I was overwhelmed with gratitude–the view was stunning, the boat ride was thrilling, and the weather was beautiful. Just a day before I set out, the weather had been wet and gloomy; now the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. It’s as if Niagara Falls knew I was coming and put on a show=)


0001Yes, I love it when things come together. All that week, I had been feeling disconnected; but with just one bright idea of adding another check on my bucket list turned everything around. Don’t worry about traveling alone. Don’t worry about feeling different and left out on the bus. Don’t worry about life passing you by. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to do something, just do it! You’ll be so glad you did.

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