Creative Travel: Reborn in the Bahamas!

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel; I’m going!


Inspired by Nassau … original poem by Maya Perez

As I had been having some drama prior to the cruise, I decided I needed a release ceremony–a ritual that is symbolic to rid yourself of something that has been weighing on you. I knew that I would do this ceremony during my cruise to the Bahamas.

The day of the ceremony, I had woken up late. I was very flustered, agitated, and disappointed. Even still, I didn’t let that stop me. I got off the ship with only 3 hours to enjoy what I had traveled so far, alone, to do! (Yes, I went all by myself! )

I found a guide, but I had no idea where I wanted to go! A few people suggested the beach, but I rushed out so fast, I’d forgotten my swimsuit! It didn’t matter; in the wink of an eye, my guide fastened the helmet on me and sped off on the motorbike to the beach–even without a swimsuit.

When we arrived, I was overcome by something so serene it was scary! Suddenly, I panicked. I’d ridden off in the Bahamas with a complete stranger who had brought me to a BEAUTIFUL, ISOLATED beach in the middle of nowhere. Anything could happen to me. My guide could even be a deranged killer! (he wasn’t, obviously)

I couldn’t let fear keep me from enjoying the most beautiful sight.

I asked the guide to lend me his shirt so I could swim while he stayed behind to keep eye on the bike.

As I walked toward the water, I felt a sense of overwhelming peace, comfort, and love. Although, I was afraid; something inside me told me to trust. I slowly walked all the way out until the water was so deep it nearly covered my face. I closed my eyes, let the water move me; yet hold me up. For several moments, I inhaled all the goodness and exhaled all the madness–blowing out all my worried as hard as could. Finally, I dove backwards as a sign of trust. I prayed and released as I backstroked all the way to the shore; stepping out of the water feeling like a new woman!
This life is so full of miracles. My day had begun so stressful; yet, ended so peacefully. Indeed, after every dark night; there’s a bright day ahead. Remember that always.

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