Creative Illusion: Getting closer to your true self

Creative Illusion: Getting closer to your true self

Sometimes while stumbling along life’s journey we can find ourselves in that “lost” situation. This could be taken as a sign that it’s time to reflect.

When 2018 began, I told myself to be brave and take more risks with my art. Since then, I found myself feeling lost. In fact, nearly months have passed; and I have been stuck for 4 months!–I just so happen to be one of those people who gets an hunch long before action can be taken. (I like to use the analogy that I can’t just dive into the water; I have to put my toe in and ease my way.) So, yeah, I knew I needed to change it up; but I just now feel like I have a clear vision of where I’m going.

How did I finally snap out of it? REFLECTING. LISTENING. TRUSTING. All the great life coaches say to be true to your own uniqueness. Unfortunately, many of us have hidden our true selves so deep within ourselves that it’s hard to recognize our own smile.

In my case, I began painting in 2008 when I realized I was in my mid-twenties and already burnt out on life. My therapist told me that I needed a hobby. He asked if there was something I used to enjoy that I walked away from? I thought about it; and suddenly remembered that I used to love when my uncle’d buy me creative gifts–paint by number, calligraphy sets, and art kits. That therapist saved my life that day.

Once I started to paint; I would find my subjects deep inside my heart. But as I began my journey; I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to create what I felt. I doubted my talent and began focusing on simple ideas instead of abstract concepts.

However; now that a decade has passed and I have honed my skills; I believe I’m ready to revisit creating abstract concepts. Over these past ten years, art has taught me: patience, confidence; ingenuity, and trust.

This lesson reminds me of an India Arie song, “Strength, Courage, and Wisdom” it’s been inside of me all along.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to turn off auto-pilot. It’s so easy to keep going mechanically without giving life much thought. But if you take time to reflect; you’ll live a better quality of life.

What do you think? What spark is inside of you?

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