3 Ways Travel Inspires Creativity

Fact: Only 23% of Americans take their paid vacation.


PC: @Romika21 during my 2018 Jamaican vacation

My day job is typically stressful; so a few years ago I vowed to do more of what I enjoy. I decided to dedicate myself to art & travel. Both seemed to be quite separate from each other until I started to notice a pattern.

#1 More Energy

The first thing I noticed was my energy level. I had been posting videos on social media, when people started to comment, “you look so happy”, “you sound refreshed”, “you seem so vibrant”. Naturally, I began to reflect and quickly realized I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed anymore. Not feeling burnt out can clear creative blocks and give birth to new perspectives.

#2 More Time

Because I enjoy traveling alone, I often have more quiet time. I began by carrying a box a crayons and a sketch pad in my bag to keep me occupied at the airport. Soon, I was coloring in coffee shops, at the pool, and after returning from sight seeing. I was surprised I was so inspired because normally, I don’t have energy to be so creative.

#3 New Inspiration

Finally, new sounds, smells, cultures, customs, and tastes can stimulate different parts of the brain filling you with a stream of inspiration. In fact, spending longer stints of time in another country can make a lasting impact. This is especially true for myself because I was living abroad when I began my life as a world traveler and artist!

Still not convinced?

Famous writers such as: Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, and James Baldwin all spent extended periods of time in other countries. So before you pass on your next vacation; remember you might be passing up life changing experiences!

I’m currently deciding where I’ll be landing for my 2018 summer vacation. I’m leaning towards my first visit to South America. Any ideas? Where would you like to go?

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