Forever Alone…

forever alone, single, soltera, lonely, depressed, unrequited love, love hurts, love sucks

I did it again.

I let him in when I knew I shouldn’t.

I did it anyway, and now I must say…

It was her birthday, and he made me cry.

I don’t know why he had to lie.

I asked him before and he looked me in my eye;

smiled right at me told a lie.

Pissed as I was; I almost…but didn’t lose my head.

I kept it cool and this what I said,

“You must think me a fool, but you can drop dead!

I’m finished with you”

and with no time to think,

I blocked his number and didn’t even blink.

So this brings me to this doll-face I drew,

tears falling down,

heart torn in two,

pretty as a penny; yet, sad and blue.

she’s forever alone and I am too.

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