#artwork: Pin-Up Problems in Paradise

Bipolar Emotions While Trying to Delve Deeper

by Maya R Perez

I made a commitment to take my art to the next level in 2018. Since then, I’ve been doing a lot of research, planning, and paying attention to the more technical aspects of my art career. Research says to create art in a series. I’m always creating art, but I rarely have several pieces that are intentionally related to a deeper theme.

Pin up the one who's always hurt

In my search for the perfect series, I eliminated several other ideas before finally settling on the pin-up drawings. The idea of pin-up girls won out over the others because I thought they symbolized an important aspect of my life and who I am. I decided the series would consist of 5 pin-up girl drawings that might later be painted.


So far I have completed 2 of the drawings; and I’m completely uninspired. To be honest, I knew it would take some commitment; but I did NOT anticipate being this bored this soon! Part of it goes back to me trying to force it. Usually, I need to take my time to warm myself up and find my courage.

Regardless, I’m going to see these drawings through; although it might be reduced to a 4-part series. Perhaps this is another of those mind games where I should focus on the symbolic meaning of this series in order to gain momentum.

Finishing this series will help me prove to myself that I can see a long term project through. It also will allow me to get in touch with myself and connect more intimately than ever before. Furthermore, it’s a milestone paving the way for many more series to come in the future. In addition, this series will always stand out in my heart because it’s my first and it represents a culmination of my childhood and womanhood.

I’m starting to see why I was instructed to journal through my emotions while I create. The series has taken on a new meaning and I’m excited to carry-on… at least for now! lol

Stay tuned to find out exactly how I came up with the idea of this series! I’ll be serving the tea real soon=)


My son says no one ever answers my questions because they’re too hard… but seriously, if you had to choose a series of images to reflect you as a person; what would it be?

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