5 Tips for Social Media Amateurs

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A few years ago when blogs, Facebook, and Instagram were common language it wasn’t that hard to become “insta-famous”! Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get innovative until much later.

In 2014, I started this blog without much direction.

Here are 5 tips I wish I’d known when I began:

1. Interesting Title 

The saying goes, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”; but how many times have you chosen a movie, a book, or an article based on the title? Exactly! Since everyone does it; make sure your title can grab the reader.

2. Hashtags

I was living in New York City and I kept hearing “hashtag” this, “hashtag” that; but I had no clue what it meant! I even used phrases like, “#realtalk, #foreveralone, #random” without understanding them. It wasn’t until much later that I realized the hashtags were a way to categorize.

Can you believe I lived in NYC and worked in Times Square; yet, never used Instagram or a single hashtag?

3. Quality Content

Many of us get stuck wondering what to post. We’ve all seen dumb memes and random posts that are of absolutely no value. Sure, Mariah Carey could post a pic of a broken fingernail; but for the rest of us–nobody cares! If you’re unsure what to post, consult a content calendar. These days engagement is essential; I’m sure you want to get a conversation going; so make sure what you’re posting is relevant to your followers.

4. Consistency

Have you ever gone to someone’s page and it hasn’t been updated in forever? Don’t be that person! Make sure you don’t leave your followers in limbo. If you post once a week or once a month, it doesn’t matter. Let your followers know when to expect new content and keep your promise.

5. Clarity

Finally, what is your page/blog/vlog about? Not only do people want to know when to expect something from you, they want to know what to expect from you! For example, on my personal Instagram account; I used to post food, travel, art, and photography. I’d get new followers every time I travel; but when I returned and started posting my daily life, I’d lose them all. Part of this is because they were expecting my page to be about travel.

If you are conducting business from online; make sure that’s separate from your personal account. You’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t mix business with pleasure”!

I hope these 5 tips help guide you. If I had known this years ago; I could have saved a lot of frustration.

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