say it loud–“Afro’d & I’m PROUD!”

How do you feel about your hair?

The time is finally here! I am so happy that MY hair is finally BEAUTIFUL & EXOTIC! I have always had a dysfunctional relationship with my hair. Even though it was just a little too “kinky” to be “curly”, I never liked relaxing my hair. I deeply longed for that “miracle” product that would loosen up my kinks just enough for them to be considered curls.

In high school, I used to wonder why afros were out of style. I would see images from the 70s and think that’s so me! But I couldn’t imagine being a professional with that style.

Now, the natural hair movement is here; and with Pinterest and YouTube, I feel equipped with the tools needed to embrace my 4c hair=) … It’s long overdue.

I have seen so many beautiful styles and learned so many ways to care for my hair. Part of me could say, why didn’t this happen years ago? You know, I just couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

This series is dedicated to all those who’ve learned to love their natural hair.

What’s the story of your hair? Comment below=)

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