7 Lucky Ways for finding Inspiration


It never fails. When I start doodling my creativity starts flowing. Evidence even says doodling is very beneficial to the brain.

I like doing zentangles–intricate designs. They are simple to create, but look very detailed and elegant.

Take a shower

It may seem silly, but some of our best ideas come to us while we’re in the shower. The relaxing and non-judgmental shower environment helps get the creative juices flowing by allowing the mind to wander freely. This has been embedded in me since I was a little girl. I always LOVED bath time. To this day, I look forward to steaming showers, aroma therapy, and soothing music…seriously!

Listen to Music

Music gets me in the mood. For example, I was making a painting for empowering women, when I ran into a bump. I put on Beyonce–she can be very empowering–and I found my way over the hump. This is just one example, because I often listen to meditation/relaxation music when I’m painting something with a spiritual theme.


One of the best things about traveling is that I find inspiration EVERYWHERE! At a coffee shop in Harlem, at a bar in Rome, or on the streets of Paris; there is absolutely inspiration everywhere you turn when you escape your routine. Even if you can’t travel far–use your imagination! A get-away can be just down the road. Look into local tourism for a staycation.

Spend time with other Creative People

I’m constantly being invited to events that I never want to go to because I’m too busy being an introvert. HOWEVER, one of my goals is to say, YES, more. Every time I go to one of the creative events, I’m surrounded by creative people working on different creative projects. It’s impossible for me to leave without feeling super inspired!

Embrace Mistakes

It might seem weird, but embracing your mistakes can actually lead to some interesting discoveries.

As I tend to obsess over certain, I often tell myself to take a chill pill– lol yea, I wrote it. That means not to stress over mistakes. I try to think of them as part of life. I challenge myself to come up with of creative ways to proceed.

Maximize your Environment

Not overlooking the obvious, but I function so much better when my studio is in order. In short, if a mess makes you stressed; tidy up!

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