My Art, Your Heart

When I first went to college, I wanted to major in art; however, I was advised against it. I took the advice thinking I’d never be successful. The truth is, I didn’t even know how to define success.

Now that I’m older, I’ve reexamined the idea of success. Although I had chosen a different major, my love for art endured. I find myself looking at the art in backgrounds of movies and TV shows, and at public places. I often imagine it’s my art.

One day, while I was examining the walls at the beauty shop I was patronizing; the idea popped in my brain. I saw the perfect spot for one of my beautiful afro queens! Even though I’m no Basquiat, I realized I define my own success.

So many people think art is too expensive or a luxury not afforded to them, but times are changing. I want little girls to see hand-painted art that reflects them. I want them to know that if they want to be an artist, they can be one. In a sense, I want them to have the confidence I never had.

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