Why spring resolutions are more successful than New Year’s resolutions

After failing horribly at my resolutions, I had to stop and analyze the situation. Soon, I realized I could be more successful if I worked with myself; instead of against myself.

#1 The weather is better

How many times have I planned to go to the gym but had my plans foiled due to dangerous roads? And what about the days that my bed felt so good it held me hostage? I know it’s no excuse; but it’s true! When is cold outside I really just want to hibernate.

#2 More Motivated

The second reason piggy bags off of the first. When I used to begin my New year’s resolutions for my “bikini” body in January, I always gave up by March. However when I start in spring time, I’m more motivated to keep going because I see the summer is around the corner!

#3 New Life/ New Beginnings

The last reason also relates to the first two. New life springs up all around us lol no pun intended. I love flowers. I love trees. I love birds. In short, everything feels livelier — pun intended. And doesn’t that make being outside that much more enticing? It does for me. When the weather is nice I just enjoy being outside.

Last year I began my resolutions in the spring and successfully continued on through the summer and the winter! I was so proud, I told my sister about the great idea! She told me that I was not original in my thinking. So, I did some research and saw that the New Year actually used to begin in spring! Go figure. I thought I was being original.

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