Inside the Mind of Creative Illusion

MOTTO:  I dream of traveling the world with someone just as excited as me… I dream of art and self-expression as far as the eye can see… I dream of dancing in the wind… Twirling in the breeze… and falling asleep to the song of the leaves…

See my Art Gallery for sale items.

I get so much inspiration from traveling, I’ve visited over 15 different countries–many times alone! Read about my world travels here!

Click the link to see how I combine art and poetry in an online collection of short poetry.

nerd MayaMy name (Maya), means Creative Illusion.  My love for art began as soon as I was able to hold a pencil! Countless watercolors and coloring books opened my heart to the joy of creating beautiful pictures.

Upon entering the university, I intended to major in art. However, I was advised against it in terms of job security. Discouraged, I put art aside to begin my career as an educator. Although I had job security; my daily life was so chaotic I sought the advice of a therapist who would soon change my life. Therapy taught me to give myself permission to pursue something simply for the love of it!

Since then, painting has submerged me in a whole new world of direction and purpose! Much of my art reflects themes of nature, female empowerment, the cosmos, and whimsical designs. Art is truly something magical that allows me to connect with others on a deeper level than I had ever imagined.

Finally, my biggest reward is when others are able to feel positive vibes radiating from my work.


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